6 Signs Your Commercial Roof May Need Replacing

In addition to residential roofing, we also handle commercial roofing in the Madison area. Over the years we’ve been asked the following question countless times … “how do I know if my commercial roof needs replacing?” And although every situation is different, there are some tried-and-true signs that a commercial roof may be on its last leg. Here are six of the most common signs that your commercial roofing may need replacing. If any of the following signs are present on your commercial roof, we highly advise that you have a professional contractor conduct an inspection of the roof … Your Roofing Material is Bubbling and Blistering Are there air pockets or bubbles across the surface of your commercial roof? This can happen over time, and it is a direct indicator that the roof may be damaged. Air pockets and bubbles manifest when either air or moisture becomes trapped under the roof’s membrane. Water Leaks and Signs of Water Damage If you’re experiencing roofing leaks on the inside of the commercial space, or even worse

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