Pergola Installation Madison WI Beautiful Pergolas 13


Visually stunning, pergolas are an affordable way to increase the aesthetic appeal and overall enjoyment of your home. At Legacy Exteriors, we offer Four Seasons Elitewood™ pergolas in both free-standing and attached styles.

Although they offer the aesthetic appeal of natural wood, Four Seasons Elitewood™ pergolas are made of durable, virtually maintenance-free, aluminum. Every consideration has been examined in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of these pergolas and provide a beautiful natural wood appearance — including incorporating wood grain textures.

Whether you’re looking for an attached or free-standing pergola installation, we’ll help you determine the exact style that best suits your needs and taste.


  • They’re engineered to assemble quickly and precisely.
  • Embossed wood grain finish offers an authentic wood look.
  • Four Seasons Elitewood™ pergolas hold  their shape and dimensions better than a cedar pergola, which can warp, crack or bow over time.
  • Aluminum pergolas provide a more modern, elegant design, as opposed to their cedar counterparts.
  • Highly customizable, they include a nice range of color options, textured coating options, and a large variety of accessories including color-matched fasteners.
  • Our aluminum is coated with a multi-layer finish that repels dirt, controls fading and gives a hard, scratch-resistant finish that looks new for years.
  • Powder-coated paint makes these pergolas even more durable and resilient.
  • Pergolas create a space for entertaining, lounging or a lovely outdoor dinner. 
  • Additional privacy can be added to your pergola by adding drapes, latticework, or screens.
  • Plants love pergolas, which add additional garden space to your outdoor area. Hang plants from the boards, or let grape vines grow from the ground up!
  • Protection from the sun.
  • Pergolas add value to your home.