Siding Contractor Madison WI LP Smartside Installation 9


Composite and wood siding are both popular types of exterior home materials that can add beauty to your home, while also providing protection from the elements. Composite and wood siding come in many different styles, colors, shapes and designs that will compliment any type of home!



Composite siding offers all the benefits of wood siding but with an added protective layer that will give your house protection from moisture and weathering while still giving you a beautiful finished product that is low maintenance. Composite is made from a combination of plastic, fibers, and minerals to create a product that has the appearance of natural wood without all of the maintenance. The composite material offers many advantages over traditional wood including increased durability and resistance against insects and rot while still maintaining strength during heavy weather conditions. Composite is also less likely to warp, cup, or twist than natural wood and does not require any special maintenance beyond an occasional washing with a garden hose. In addition, Composite is energy efficient and has style options that are not available with all types of siding.


LP SmartSide wood siding and trim is the best in the industry. You can’t go wrong with this durable and flexible siding. It provides you with long lasting color, low maintenance, and great returns on your investment. Plus, LP offers more colors than you could possibly need. Made from engineered wood, LP SmartSide is composed of layers that bring together natural wood with a proprietary formulation of resins, waxes and zinc borate. LP SmartSide is also a lighter weight than other composites and wood siding — and is available in lengths up to 16 feet for less waste on the jobsite. Backed by an industry-leading 5/50-year limited warranty.


Wood siding is a great way to add beauty and value to your home. It can be used on both the exterior and interior of the house, giving you options for how you want it to look. Wood siding can also be painted, but many people love the natural look of wood which is why they choose to install it in its original state. Wood siding is created by pressing thin sheets of wood together with glue or resins which creates a decorative veneer on the surface that can be stained, painted, sealed, or left unfinished depending on your preference. Beautiful in appearance, but high maintenance, wood siding is generally going to be on the higher end of cost. Wood siding can be susceptible to moisture damage, warping, and rot if not treated properly and it also requires a lot of touch ups so painting and staining will need to be done on a regular basis.