Beyond the Studs: Return on Investment (ROI) & Home Remodeling

In this episode of Beyond the Studs, Josh Gauwitz, owner of Legacy Exteriors, talked all about the potential for return on investment (ROI) on home remodeling projects, which is always good news for homeowners. Here’s what Josh had to say … I recently read an article on that talked about all of the “high-yielding” home Improvements people can make that typically yield a solid return on their investment. The article made some good points — things we’ll talk about with homeowners who are looking to remodel or make improvements — and I realized it would be a good topic for Beyond the Studs.  That said, before we dive into what those high yielding projects are, I’d like to point out a few of the remodeling projects that homeowners seem to love, that don’t yield an ROI when selling a home. These are just a few examples of some of the more popular renovations: • Lavish lighting fixtures are a must-have for many of the homeowners we work with • Converting a bedroom into a

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