Exterior Home Design & Mixed Materials

Being a siding contractor in Madison, and throughout Dane county, we are often the first to notice new trends when it comes to exterior home design and renovation. One recent trend — using mixed materials on the outside of a home — is still going strong, so we wanted to share a handful of ways you could consider mixing materials on your own home, if this is something you have interest in.  Some of the overall benefits of using mixed materials include: The ability to highlight different areas of the exterior of your home The addition of dimension and character Tons of curb appeal and enjoyment You can mix-and-match many materials including: wood, metal, stone, fiber cement, & brick for a beautifully varied aesthetic Working with a good design team (like the one at Legacy Exteriors) can help determine where to use more expensive materials, as well as where to use more durable materials — to ensure longevity, as well as remain budget conscious Let’s dive into six different ways that you can incorporate mixed

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