Prolong the Life of Your Roof with these Attic Tips

In the month of May, our articles focused on roofing — specifically GAF roofing products. In this article, we’re shifting our attention from the roof to the attic. Why? Because a couple of useful attic tips can help extend the life of your roof, regardless of whether your roof is brand new or not. Essentially, our attic tips boil down to ventilation and insulation … A Well-ventilated attic can prolong the life of your roof … Keeping your attic well-ventilated is a key element in roofing care. It’s something we take into account when we install a new roof on a home, and it’s also something you’ll want to inspect — or have a professional inspect — if you haven’t done so recently. That said, how do you determine if your attic is well ventilated, or if there are issues that need addressing? Check for mold in the attic. If mold is present, have a professional, local remediation company stop by and take a look. Essentially, with moisture can come mold, mildew, and fungi —

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