Beyond The Studs With Legacy Exteriors – “Siding”

beyond the studs

Josh Gauwitz, owner of Legacy Exteriors, is back this week and we discuss the many siding options home owners face. Whether it’s vinyl siding, cement board siding, LP smart siding, or composite/wood siding, home owners have a lot of choices and this week we dive into the benefits of each and what some of the current trends are. Josh Gauwitz in fact just recently put new siding on his home and actually went with a commination of different siding options to achieve the look he and his wife were looking for and you can do the same as Legacy Exteriors applies all of the siding options we discuss Today. They can also show you what your house will look like with the different siding options available with their 3-D software so there’s no guessing and you will get the exact look you are going for on your home! Don’t wait though as their schedule is filling up quick! Call Legacy Exteriors Today at 221-3000 or visit their website here.