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Beyond The Studs With Legacy Exteriors - "Storm Damage"

With the high winds we experienced in Southern Wisconsin yesterday and the threat of severe weather Tonight the outside of your home may be in need of repair. Legacy Exteriors owner Josh Gauwitz joins Ben to discuss what we should be looking for once the severe weather has passed. If you see missing shingles, missing siding or damaged siding, or if we experience hail you should give a professional a call to come out and inspect the damage. Also be aware of hail damage, everything may look fine from the ground but someone really needs to get up on the roof and feel the shingles to see if they are in need of repair. Be aware of who you are having come out and take a look at your home as well! There are "Storm Chasers" out there that canvass neighborhoods following storms and offer what may seem like great deals but once the work is complete these people are nowhere to be found as they often times come from out of state! Make sure you go with a company you trust and has a history in our area, much like Legacy Exteriors! We also touch on "Roof Over Our Heroes Heads" where Legacy Exteriors along with GAF are giving away a new roof to a deserving individual, get more on that here. Legacy Exteriors is also hiring so if you are ready for a career change give them a call today at 608-221-3000, and construction knowledge is not needed for this position!