Spring Spruce Up, Part 4: When it’s Time for a New Entry Door

So far in our Spring Spruce Up series, we’ve covered, When it’s Time for New Siding, When it’s Time for a New Roof, and When it’s Time for New Windows. In our fourth installment of the series we’re shifting our attention to exterior doors, specifically tell-tale signs that you might need a new front door, as well as the different types of door materials, and the top brands you’ll want to consider for your front door replacement. Let’s get started … TELL-TALE SIGNS YOU MIGHT NEED A NEW FRONT DOOR YOUR ENTRY DOOR IS DRAFTY Drafts don’t just happen in the winter, it’s just that in the warmer months the drafts are letting in hot air — either way, drafts are a sure-fire way to increase energy bills because of extra use of your heating and cooling units. The front door, in addition to your windows and insulation, is one of the culprits that can let a draft into your home. Check for entry door drafts by carefully holding a candle or lighter near the

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