Preparing Your Gutters for Spring

Gutters aren’t something homeowners think about much — unless they’re not working right. That said, spring is the perfect time to ensure that your gutters are in good shape to function well after the winter months. To help you check for proper gutter functionality, we’re sharing five tips … 1. Trim Those Trees If there are branches overhanging or in contact with your roof and/or gutters, have them trimmed ASAP. This will ensure that once leaves start to appear on your trees, they don’t wind up in your gutters. This also makes sure that branches and bark don’t break off and damage your roof or gutters, which can happen during heavy rain storms, or when winter weather causes branches to bow or break due to ice and snow accumulation on them. You can trim branches yourself with the right tool, hire a tree care company, or even a local experienced handyman. If the branches are large, we recommend hiring out the job to a professional for safety reasons. 2. Inspect Your Gutters Take a look

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