Understanding the Differences Between LifeRooms, Three-season & Four-season Rooms

Room Additions Madison Four Seasons Life Room 11Amanda Alexander, one of our team members at Legacy Exteriors, recently appeared on WIBA 101.5 FM’s program, Behind the Studs, to talk about LifeRooms, three-season, and four-season rooms.

During the show, Amanda discussed the following topics, which she’s expanded upon here to give you a better understanding of each type of room addition …

What’s the difference between a three- and four-season room?

Three-season rooms are exactly what they sound like — they’re a room addition that’s comfortable to use for three seasons: spring, summer and fall. The reason they’re only usable for three seasons is because of the materials they’re made with. Three-season rooms are constructed with single-pane glass, non-insulated floors and non-thermally-engineered frames, which is why they’re not meant for the cold Wisconsin winter months.

Four-season rooms (also referred to as all-season rooms) can be used year round. Made with double-pane glass, insulated floors and thermally engineered framing, a four-season room offers cost-effective heating and cooling no matter what the temperature is outside.

How do LifeRooms compare to three- & four-season rooms?

LifeRooms are a very different type of room addition. Pictured above, one of the biggest perks of a LifeRoom is that it has that open-air feel, while the retractable screens keep the bugs out!

Custom built over an existing patio, a LifeRoom is constructed of lightweight, durable aluminum, which is very low maintenance. They have fully-automated, high-visibility screens that can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. And, LifeRooms can be upgraded to a three-season room at any time. Optional features include skylights, LED lights and the ability to make one of the retractable screens white so it can be used for projecting a film on movie night!

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