The Benefits of Metal Roofing

When it’s time to replace your roof, it’s important to understand what your options are so you can weigh out which type of roofing is best for your home — and your budget. At Legacy Exteriors, we install three kinds of roofing: asphalt, metal and rubber. That said, today we’re going to focus on the benefits of metal roofing, to give you a solid idea of what you can expect if you choose this type of solution. Let’s start off with a quick definition … A premium product, metal roofing has a higher cost than asphalt shingles. It also has a much better lifespan, as a metal roof can last for up to 50 years or more. We often install standing seam metal roofing systems, which are a type of roofing that is made of aluminum, and can last up to 50 years without needing any major repairs or replacements. A standing seam metal roof has interlocking panels that run from the ridge of the roof to the eave.  THE BENEFITS OF METAL ROOFING COLOR

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