5 Effective Ways to Protect Your Roof This Winter

The harsh winters can result in weather-related roofing damage, and that’s an occurrence you don’t want! As roofing contractors, we’ve seen how Old Man Winter can wreak havoc, even with the technological advance in roofing materials. To safeguard your roof from costly spring repairs, we’ve got 5 effective ways to protect it this winter. 1. Don’t Let Snow Accumulate on Your Roof Snow adds weight to your roof which can put pressure on weak spots, causing them to fail. That’s why removing it as soon as you can is advisable. But besides the added weight, snow can form ice dams as it melts. This constant cycle of melting and refreezing can be harmful to  your roof because melting snow finds vulnerable cracks, then refreezes, causing the water to expand. We don’t recommend trying to  remove snow on your own. It can be dangerous work. Have either a roofing contractor help with the removal, or investigate the option of hiring a professional to add a heat cable to melt snow away easily! 2. Have a Well-Insulated

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