Don’t Procrastinate — Get Your Home Project Done Before Winter Sets In

Summer is behind us, and some homeowners who had the best intentions to get their home projects taken care of before the fall are now facing the oncoming winter. In this episode of Beyond the Studs, Josh Gauwitz talks about what he calls “project procrastination,” which can creep up on homeowners because of their busy schedules. Here’s what Josh had to say … I know some Madison-area homeowners procrastinated on getting projects done — even though they knew they had to get them done before winter came. And if one of those projects is roof related, a homeowner should really pick up that phone today and call an experienced roofing contractor like Legacy Exteriors. I find that most homeowners have the best intentions in getting home projects like roof repair or replacement — or even having gutter guards installed (before the leaves start falling off the trees) — scheduled. It’s just that so many people are overwhelmed, that the projects keep getting deprioritized on the list of todos … I’ve been guilty of this, as

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