Don’t Procrastinate — Get Your Home Project Done Before Winter Sets In

Asphalt Roofing Contractor Madison WI ProcrastinationSummer is behind us, and some homeowners who had the best intentions to get their home projects taken care of before the fall are now facing the oncoming winter. In this episode of Beyond the Studs, Josh Gauwitz talks about what he calls “project procrastination,” which can creep up on homeowners because of their busy schedules.

Here’s what Josh had to say …

I know some Madison-area homeowners procrastinated on getting projects done — even though they knew they had to get them done before winter came. And if one of those projects is roof related, a homeowner should really pick up that phone today and call an experienced roofing contractor like Legacy Exteriors.

I find that most homeowners have the best intentions in getting home projects like roof repair or replacement — or even having gutter guards installed (before the leaves start falling off the trees) — scheduled. It’s just that so many people are overwhelmed, that the projects keep getting deprioritized on the list of todos …

I’ve been guilty of this, as well, with my own home, so I understand what project procrastination feels like. 

So, whether it’s resealing the caulk joints on your roof, or having windows replaced before the brutal Wisconsin winter sets in — whatever it is — it’s not too late to schedule a consultation with an experienced local Madison-area contractor. The key word here is LOCAL, someone who you can depend on to be there if you have questions or issues down the line. 

Yes, we work year round on homes. That said, it’s getting down to crunch time where, if you’re going to get it done before winter, you’ve got to do it now. At the very least, get your estimates coming in and choose the right contractor. 

One thing to be aware of with estimates is that you should never have to pay for one. At Legacy Exteriors, our consultations and estimates are always complimentary — so there’s one less thing to worry about when you are having work quoted out. Another thing to look out for is the pressure sale, which we’ve all experienced. Nobody likes to be sold, and so we just don’t bother trying to sell anybody anything — instead we look to build long-term relationships with our customers. Transactions are fleeting, but relationships stand the test of time, and that’s what we like to offer to homeowners … a relationship where we are a partner in keeping their home well cared for.

Another thing to consider as you talk with contractors is financing. Let’s be honest, it’s the holidays, which can get expensive. That said, if you need the project done NOW, to avoid even more costly repairs down the road, consider working with a company that offers solid financing options. At Legacy, we offer an array of financing options, from a year-and-a-half of no interest payments, all the way out to financing up to 11 years. And we make the application process super easy … there’s a direct link on our website to our financing options.

One more thing I’d like to mention is gutter guards. It’s vitally important right now to get your gutters cleaned and gutter guards installed before the snow sets in … this will help you avoid problems like ice dams. Open gutters are designed to fail. Anytime you get something in them, they’re not going to drain properly. And this is a crucial thing to address with winter coming up. The nice thing about the gutter guards we install, Master Shield, is that once they’re installed they’re virtually maintenance free thanks to their patented self-cleaning system. It’s a product that works 100% of the time. And in the long run, this saves homeowners time and money. 

There’s more we could talk about including siding, decking, and windows — but my number one goal here is to encourage you to pick up the phone (or go online), and schedule a handful of appointments to receive estimates — and make sure Legacy Exteriors is one of the companies you connect with — we’d love to meet you and potentially get that home project done for you!

If you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation, or simply have questions, feel free to contact Legacy Exteriors anytime.

And Happy Holidays!

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