Beyond the Studs: How Do You Know When You Need New Windows?

In this episode of Beyond the Studs, Josh Gauwitz, owner of Legacy Exteriors, talks all about windows. Here’s what Josh had to say … The countdown to the end of the year has begun, and with it comes colder weather across America’s Dairyland. And when it gets chilly, or downright bitterly cold outside, homeowners may start to notice the tell-tale signs that they might need new windows. One of the signs that your windows may be past their prime is if they start fogging up when it gets really cold. This could be a sign that you possibly have a seal failure. If you notice fogging, it’s definitely worth looking into having a professional come take a look. At the very least they’re not as energy efficient as they should be. And of course if you’re feeling that your windows are drafty, or you’re noticing that it’s getting colder faster in the house, or your heat is turning on more often than it used to — any or all of these could be a sign

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