Beyond the Studs: How Do You Know When You Need New Windows?

When Do I Need New Windows Pella Certified ContractorIn this episode of Beyond the Studs, Josh Gauwitz, owner of Legacy Exteriors, talks all about windows. Here’s what Josh had to say …

The countdown to the end of the year has begun, and with it comes colder weather across America’s Dairyland. And when it gets chilly, or downright bitterly cold outside, homeowners may start to notice the tell-tale signs that they might need new windows.

One of the signs that your windows may be past their prime is if they start fogging up when it gets really cold. This could be a sign that you possibly have a seal failure. If you notice fogging, it’s definitely worth looking into having a professional come take a look. At the very least they’re not as energy efficient as they should be. And of course if you’re feeling that your windows are drafty, or you’re noticing that it’s getting colder faster in the house, or your heat is turning on more often than it used to — any or all of these could be a sign of failing windows.

Another common sign actually stems from installation error — which is why it’s so important to make sure you’re getting your windows installed by someone who knows what we’re doing. For instance, we are a Pella Platinum Certified Contractor and if you’re looking to have windows installed, this is the type of thing you’ll want to look for as a homeowner, as well as the type of warranty being provided. 

With installation error, you might feel a slight little draught or coldness around the windows themselves. Maybe the installer failed to add expansion foam or put seal tape around the windows. This results in your “feeling the elements” more inside than you should. 

Another installation-centric error could be that you simply are having more maintenance needed on your windows — from mechanism failure, to windows just not latching properly, or not sealing properly. If the windows are still under warranty, it might be time to pick up the phone and talk with the contractor who installed them. If they’re not, it might be time to start investigating new windows.

The average lifespan of Windows can definitely vary depending on the type of window, and the brand of window — and how your take care of them … unless you’ve had maintenance-free windows installed like the fiberglass windows we carry …

When it comes to replacement windows, we strongly recommend that people do a full replace — or a full new construction. It’s the best way to do the window replacement for optimal results … Part of what it entails is removing the siding in order to accomplish the project in the best way possible. We employ this process because it is the best service we can give to a homeowner. 

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with every homeowner that hires us — and although it is more labor intensive to do a full replace, the money saved by the homeowner as well as the enjoyment they have from the windows is the reason we do it that way. That said, with Legacy Exteriors we always give homeowners both options, and also educate them about the difference so there’s a full understanding before a choice is made. Being completely upfront and honest with people is my #1 rule — nothing is ever transactional with us. We also like to invite homeowners to our showroom where they can LOOK at the products, ask questions, and really get a feel for what they want for their home.

At Legacy, we have partnered with the top window brands in the nation, including Pella, ProVia, Anderson and Marvin. Their products are a joy to work with — and they all offer great energy efficiency.

There are also materials choices with windows that range from vinyl (the most affordable) to wood and fiberglass. At the end of the day it comes down to what the homeowner is looking for, and what their budget is.

Before we wrap up I’d just like to mention that Legacy Exteriors has some incredible financing options available. This can be very helpful because homeowners may need new windows now, but often need to pay for them over time. Right now, for qualified homeowners, we’re offering 18-month financing with no interest. We also have financing plans that go up to 11 years, so once again it really depends on what the homeowner needs. We’re happy to discuss these details with homeowners so they can have peace of mind (and not stress) when they get replacement windows for their home.

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