Five Fantastic Facts about Fiberglass Windows

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Fiberglass windows are amazing. Their benefits go much deeper than aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency, which is why we’d like to share five fantastic facts about fiberglass windows, as well as a bit of information regarding the top three fiberglass window brands we work with. 

There’s no shortage of companies selling fiberglass windows in the Madison, WI, area, so before we get started with the benefits of the windows themselves, we’d like to mention the importance of a benefit not directly related to the windows — and that’s the windows contractor you choose to hire for the job.

No matter which company you choose, make sure they are a local, licensed window contractor. As we talked about in a recent Beyond the Studs episode, installation errors can cause all kinds of problems with replacement windows. Inquiring about window warranties is also suggested, as this is also a determining factor in who you should work with and what window brand to have installed.

OK, so on to five (plus a couple of extra) benefits of fiberglass windows …

  1. Fiberglass windows have a slimmer profile than wood or vinyl windows, providing a wider, better view of the outdoors, while keeping the indoors cozy …
  2. Fiberglass windows are waterproof, so unlike wood windows, you never have to worry about maintenance to keep them protected from water or ice.
  3. That said, Fiberglass windows are also very low maintenance. In fact, the brands we carry are virtually maintenance free!
  4. Woefully cold Wisconsin temperatures? No problem … fiberglass windows are unaffected by temperature, so you never have to worry about expansion and contraction of the material.
  5. Fiberglass windows are approximately eight times stronger than vinyl windows — making them super-durable.
  6. BONUS BENEFIT: Fiberglass windows offer the surprising benefit of sound insulation — so in addition to keeping out the heat and cold, they also keep out neighborhood noise.
  7. BONUS BENEFIT: It’s worth mentioning again that these windows are incredibly energy efficient.

A word on the windows we install …

We work with only the top window companies in the country, and for fiberglass windows that means you get to choose from providers like Pella, Anderson and Marvin windows. Here’s a bit of info about each brand, as well as a link to more info.

Maintenance-free, these windows will never rot or corrode. Additional benefits include resistance to bugs, water, chipping, chalking and fading. Pella’s fiberglass windows are made of a proprietary fiberglass — the strongest material for windows — which means they’re incredibly durable.

Note: Legacy Exteriors is a Pella Platinum Certified Contractor. In order to qualify for this certification, we continually receive and adhere to all required education regarding proper window installation and industry best practices consistent with Pella products. In addition, we maintain specific insurance to work as a Pella Certified Preferred Contractor. 

Learn more about Pella Impervia fiberglass windows.

Innovation is a cornerstone of Marvin’s philosophy. In fact, over a quarter of a century ago, their innovative team introduced a product called Ultrex® Fiberglass for use with windows and doors. Their latest fiberglass type, High-Density Fiberglass, is even stronger. Both of these types of fiberglass are known for their energy efficiency, durability and strength. 

Marvin offers three fiberglass window collections:

  • The Elevate® Collection
  • The Essential™ Collection
  • The Signature® Collection (Modern)

Learn more about Marvin fiberglass windows.

Another fantastic brand we work with is Anderson, who are known for windows that offer protection and durability. Other benefits include weather-resistance, energy-efficiency and the fact that Anderson fiberglass windows are virtually maintenance free.

Anderson’s fiberglass window collection is called the A-Series. Here’s an overview of options you can choose from …

  • Awning windows
  • Casement windows
  • Double hung windows
  • Picture windows

Learn more about Anderson fiberglass windows.

Not sure which windows are right for you? From material type, to window type, to brand, we’re happy to talk with you and help define what is the best fit for your home. Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with us anytime!