Understanding the Differences Between LifeRooms, Three-season & Four-season Rooms

Amanda Alexander, one of our team members at Legacy Exteriors, recently appeared on WIBA 101.5 FM’s program, Behind the Studs, to talk about LifeRooms, three-season, and four-season rooms. During the show, Amanda discussed the following topics, which she’s expanded upon here to give you a better understanding of each type of room addition … What’s the difference between a three- and four-season room? Three-season rooms are exactly what they sound like — they’re a room addition that’s comfortable to use for three seasons: spring, summer and fall. The reason they’re only usable for three seasons is because of the materials they’re made with. Three-season rooms are constructed with single-pane glass, non-insulated floors and non-thermally-engineered frames, which is why they’re not meant for the cold Wisconsin winter months. Four-season rooms (also referred to as all-season rooms) can be used year round. Made with double-pane glass, insulated floors and thermally engineered framing, a four-season room offers cost-effective heating and cooling no matter what the temperature is outside. How do LifeRooms compare to three- & four-season rooms? LifeRooms

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