Six Tips to Prep Your Deck for Spring

Spring is finally here, and as the weather warms up it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning your deck. In order to get the most enjoyment and longevity from your deck, we’d like to share six tips to help you prep your deck for spring — and beyond … We’ll be talking about two different types of decking materials in this article: Traditional wood decks, which are made of natural wood Composite decks, which are made of wood and plastic Let’s begin with our tips on how to prep your deck for spring. 1. Swab the Deck! Make sure your deck is free of all debris, water and other remnants from the winter months. If you stored your furniture or your grill on the deck, be sure to move each item so you can clean those areas of the deck, too. Be sure that the slots in-between the boards are clear, so any water can easily drain. This first step not only ensures a clean deck, it also prepares you for our next tip

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