Beyond the Studs: The Importance of Gutters

In this episode of Behind the Studs, Legacy Exteriors owner, Josh Gauwitz, spoke all about the importance of gutters.  While gutters may not be the most exciting part of your home, they play a critical part in protecting it from potentially serious issues. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what every homeowner should know about gutters … All of the debris that collect in your gutters can cause problems for your home — including issues with the fascia, siding, foundation cracking, leaks in your basement, and ice damming in winter months. And, clogged gutters that hold stagnant water can also become a dwelling for mosquitos, which is never pleasant.  That said, gutters are extremely important, but sadly, according to Josh, “they are designed to fail because of their open design. Anytime you get debris in your gutter, granules from shingles, leaves — whatever — it’s going to affect the performance of your gutters. Basically, if it gets in there, it’s going to impact how your gutters operate and this can eventually lead

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