Winterproof Your Deck Now!

Winter in Madison can be brutal! The fierce cold, snow, and ice makes your deck vulnerable to the elements. Without proper protection, your deck can suffer unnecessary wear and tear, resulting in repairs and even replacement. As professional deck builders, we don’t like to see any deck owner experience this kind of damage! That’s why we want to share 5 tips for winter proofing your deck. We’ve found these strategies to stand up to the fierce winters here in Wisconsin. 1. Remove Debris, Leaves, & Dirt Fallen leaves, pine needles and dirt build up over time and get down in between the floor boards. When bad weather hits, snow and ice then lock in moisture, causing structural damage to your deck. That’s why we recommend thoroughly removing all debris before you do anything else. 2. Clean Your Deck of Mildew Once you’ve removed all the debris,  clean your deck of any mildew accumulation. If you leave it untreated, the mildew becomes slippery, and that’s a fall hazard. Check Lowe’s for a product that combats mildew.

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