Top 6 Reasons to Update Your Front Entry Door

Realistically, the front entry door of your home probably isn’t something you think about much — unless there’s some type of issue with it, or you’re simply just looking to remodel the exterior of your home. When it comes to new door installation, we’ve found that there are a handful of popular reasons that homeowners in the Dane County area want their entry doors replaced — including better security and improved curb appeal — so we decided to share the top 6 reasons you might want to replace your front entry door. Before we get started with our top 6 reasons, we’d like to share a couple of important things to consider, no matter what your reason for having a new front entry door installed: Make sure you are getting a quality door, from a dependable brand, with a solid warranty Make sure the contractor you hire to install the door is experienced, licensed, and LOCAL These two points may seem like no-brainers, but they’re worth pointing out because an improperly installed door can cause

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