Top 6 Reasons to Update Your Front Entry Door

Top Reasons for New Door Installation in Madison WIRealistically, the front entry door of your home probably isn’t something you think about much — unless there’s some type of issue with it, or you’re simply just looking to remodel the exterior of your home.

When it comes to new door installation, we’ve found that there are a handful of popular reasons that homeowners in the Dane County area want their entry doors replaced — including better security and improved curb appeal — so we decided to share the top 6 reasons you might want to replace your front entry door.

Before we get started with our top 6 reasons, we’d like to share a couple of important things to consider, no matter what your reason for having a new front entry door installed:

  • Make sure you are getting a quality door, from a dependable brand, with a solid warranty
  • Make sure the contractor you hire to install the door is experienced, licensed, and LOCAL

These two points may seem like no-brainers, but they’re worth pointing out because an improperly installed door can cause issues down the road. And a cheap door could cost you more in the long run due to poor energy efficiency, insufficient security, or repair bills. Josh Gauwitz, the owner of Legacy Exteriors, absolutely loves ProVia doors (and so do the homeowners we work with), which are available in fiberglass and steel construction — with a multitude of style options. So, whether you’re getting your new door installation from Legacy Exteriors, or another reputable company, ProVia is definitely a brand to explore.

OK, let’s dive into the top 6 reasons you might want to update your front entry door …

1. Improved Security
Yes, a well made front entry door is designed to keep the cold of Wisconsin winters, and the heat of our summers, outside your home — and they’re also designed to provide excellent security from intruders. That said, if your entry door is old or well-worn, it may not be structurally sound and it might be a good idea to get it inspected by a professional. And if you choose a replacement door like the ones Provia (or a comparable brand) offers, you can depend on the door to remain secure for years to come. We recommend fiberglass or steel doors, as they will last longer than wood, and require less maintenance — so they’ll remain in good shape and continue to provide excellent security longer, which brings us to our next point …

2. The Durable Door
If your front entry door is requiring more maintenance these days, that’s another sign it might be time for a replacement. And depending on the age of your door, and the material it’s made of, you can see an immense jump in durability with a new door — especially if you stick with fiberglass or steel — which means once your front entry door is replaced, you won’t have to worry about replacing it again for quite a while. In addition, an outstanding warranty like the ones offered by ProVia, who offer a transferable lifetime limited warranty (plus finish warranties that last between 10-15 years depending on the door you choose), you’ll have peace of mind that your investment is covered.

One more note on maintenance: fiberglass and steel doors require very little maintenance. They are also resistant to warping for greater longevity.

3. Say Goodbye to Drafts
Drafts are a clear indicator that your front entry door may be in need of repair or replacement. Once again, having a professional you can trust inspect the door is a good idea. A new door installation can eliminate drafts and lower your energy bill.

A note on inspections: Our philosophy is to build relationships with our customers, so there’s never a pressure sale — and there’s no cost for us to stop by for an inspection of your front door (or any other part of your home). You should never have to pay for an inspection!

4. Energy Efficiency
Speaking of your energy bill, an energy-efficient front door is a critical part of your home’s ability to keep you comfortable while keeping your energy bill as low as possible. That said, the insulating materials found in a quality fiberglass or steel door, along with properly installed weather-stripping, can go a long way in increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Again, hiring a qualified, insured contractor to do the work is important to ensure proper installation.

5. Better Functionality
If it’s difficult to open and/or close your door — or to get it to lock properly — it might be time for a new door. If you have a wood door, it may be more difficult to lock in the summer because of expanding wood, yet another reason to consider a fiberglass or steel front entry door. From locks, to energy efficiency, to keeping your home safe, better functionality can be a big deal, especially if your current door is giving you trouble.

6. Real Curb Appeal
The simple act of having your front entry door replaced can really transform the aesthetic — and curb appeal — of your home. In addition to bringing added enjoyment to living in your home, it can also help with resale value. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to give your home a facelift!

Have questions or want to learn more about ProVia doors? Feel free to get in touch with us anytime to schedule a complimentary consultation!