Sizing Up the Best Vinyl Siding Brands, Part 1: Mastic

There are a lot of options when it comes to vinyl siding, and before you make the investment it’s important to become educated about your options — including which vinyl siding brands are best, as well as which vinyl siding type meets your aesthetic and budgetary needs. That said, we’ve created a 4-part series that provides an overview of America’s top four vinyl siding brands, as well as the products each brand offers. In Part 1 we’ll be diving into Mastic vinyl siding. Before we begin, it’s important to mention that Mastic offers a transferable lifetime limited warranty on their luxury vinyl siding, vinyl siding, vinyl soffit and vinyl accessories, which is fantastic whether you are looking to stay in your home, or sell. In addition, Legacy Exteriors is a Mastic Master Contractor, which means we’re able to provide Mastic’s Double VIP Limited Lifetime Warranty to homeowners. EverPlank Mastic has reinvented vinyl siding with Mastic EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding, which combines a true-to-wood look, durability and easy maintenance — creating a truly luxury vinyl siding

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