Sizing Up the Best Vinyl Siding Brands, Part 1: Mastic

Mastic Siding Contractor Madison WI 1There are a lot of options when it comes to vinyl siding, and before you make the investment it’s important to become educated about your options — including which vinyl siding brands are best, as well as which vinyl siding type meets your aesthetic and budgetary needs.

That said, we’ve created a 4-part series that provides an overview of America’s top four vinyl siding brands, as well as the products each brand offers. In Part 1 we’ll be diving into Mastic vinyl siding.

Before we begin, it’s important to mention that Mastic offers a transferable lifetime limited warranty on their luxury vinyl siding, vinyl siding, vinyl soffit and vinyl accessories, which is fantastic whether you are looking to stay in your home, or sell. In addition, Legacy Exteriors is a Mastic Master Contractor, which means we’re able to provide Mastic’s Double VIP Limited Lifetime Warranty to homeowners.

MASTIC EverPlank Siding Contractor in Madison WIEverPlank

Mastic has reinvented vinyl siding with Mastic EverPlank Luxury Vinyl Siding, which combines a true-to-wood look, durability and easy maintenance — creating a truly luxury vinyl siding product that Madison-area homeowners love.

Benefits include: high-end vinyl, realistic wood look, seamless (no overlapping seams), innovative, durable and easy to install.

MASTIC Carvedwood Vinyl Siding Contractor Madison WICarvedwood•44

This vinyl siding is the perfect choice for remodelers because of its optimal thickness, and the fact that it offers a huge selection of designer-inspired colors. Carvedwood•44 is also available in ten rich shades that utilize Mastic’s exclusive SolarDefense Reflective Technology. This technology protects dark colors from the effects of the sun.

Benefits include: strength, withstands high-speed winds, curb appeal, low maintenance, T-2 LOK Panel Locking System, Hang-Tough technology.

Madison Vinyl Siding Repair MASTIC Mill CreekMill Creek

This lap siding delivers a rustic, textured finish, which embodies the warmth and beauty of wood — without the hassle of wood maintenance. Like all Mastic vinyl siding, Mill Creek is low maintenance. It’s also extremely durable, even in extreme Wisconsin weather.

Benefits include: strength, curb appeal, Hang-Tough Technology, the Duranyl 5000 Protection System, plus an advanced panel locking system/nail hem.

MASTIC Structure Home Siding Repair Madison WIStructure Home Installation System

Mastic’s exclusive combination of vinyl siding technology, along with high-performance foam that “wraps your home in a continuous blanket of insulation,” is a fantastic solution to keeping your home warm during our Wisconsin winters — as well as keeping you cool in summer.

Benefits include: high insulating power, strength, aesthetic versatility, curb appeal, low maintenance, T-3 LOK Panel Locking System, Hang-Tough Technology, and the Duranyl 5000 Protection System.

Mastic Quest Siding Contractor MadisonQuest

A premium vinyl siding, Quest includes a tornado-tough design that can hold up to the highest winds. Virtually maintenance-free, this vinyl siding remains beautiful season after season, and is offered in long lengths for less seams on homes of all sizes.

Benefits include: strength, withstands winds up to 190mph, curb appeal, tornado-tough, double-thick nail hem, T3-LOK Panel Locking System, Exclusive Hang-Tough Technology, the Duranyl 5000® Protection System, and Kynar 500® Protection.

Mastic Board Batten Siding Repair MadisonBoard & Batten Designer Series

Here’s where you’ll find traditional style — either as the dominant cladding, or as accents that beautifully showcase the architectural features of a home. Available in 4 deep, rich shades using Mastic’s exclusive SolarDefense Reflective Technology — protecting the darkest colors of Mastic’s vinyl siding from sun damage.

Benefits include: strength, curb appeal, low maintenance, exclusive Hang-Tough Technology, advanced panel locking system/nail hem.

Siding Contractor Madison Siding Repair Mastic OvationOvation

Ovation vinyl siding offers the widest array of color and style choices in its class. This vinyl siding is affordable, low maintenance, strong — and beautiful — which all adds up to a long-lasting home exterior. Select products are available in 5 rich designer shades that utilize Mastic’s SolarDefense Reflective Technology — protecting the darkest colors of Mastic’s vinyl siding from sun damage.

Benefits include: strength, withstands up to 195 mph winds, curb appeal, 9/16” panel projection, exclusive Hang-Tough Technology, SNAP+LOCK+HOLD Panel Locking System, and Duranyl 5000® Protection System.

Siding Repair Madison WI Mastic Western ExtremeWestern Extreme

The only vinyl siding engineered and designed to take on the “wild western weather,” it has specially-designed panels that feature next-generation technology for amazing home protection from infrared light, low humidity, as well as rapid temperature changes found in western climates (which we can also experience right here in the Madison area).

Benefits include: strength, performance technology, curb appeal, unique Dutch lap cove design, advanced panel locking system, and ultraviolet protection.

Mastic Cedar Discovery Vinyl Siding Madison WICedar Discovery

Get the look of real, rugged cedar shake and shingle siding without having to stain, paint or maintain. Highly durable, Cedar Discovery vinyl siding is dent- and ding-resistant, and can hold up to extreme winds.

Benefits include: strength, withstands up to 180 mph wind velocity, curb appeal, low maintenance, Tornado-Tough, double-thick nail hem, flexible panels for easy installation and a perfect fit, and C-LOK Continuous Locking System.

Mastic Charleston Vinyl Siding Madison WICharleston Beaded

Recreate the classic wood clapboard design of the south with this durable, low-maintenance vinyl siding. Available with a smooth, traditional finish, it features sculpted beads that add elegance to your home.

Benefits include: strength, curb appeal, exclusive Hang-Tough Technology, Duranyl 5000® Protection System, and an advanced panel locking system/nail hem.

This brings us to the end of Part 1 of our series. In Part 2, we’ll dive into Norandex vinyl siding.

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